Record Buying Policy


TechNoir actively buys records and record collections. Value of records can vary wildly depending on many factors.

Records are like any other collectible, value is determined largely by supply, demand, historical sales data and then the condition (of the record and sleeve) is factored in to determine an estimated retail value.  Once an estimated retail value is determined, we will present an offer or will pass.

 There are some records that there is simply no demand for and others that there was a market for (20 years ago or more) but that there is no market for today regardless of how perfect the condition that the record is in.  That said, we do not buy everything. We only purchase records that can be re-sold.

We only make offers on records that are in very good (VG) condition or better.  Very good condition means that the record still plays well without any warps, skips scratches or pops.  The sleeve must be completely in tact without any major damage, bending or splitting.  Records without the original sleeves will not be considered.

*If you are able to provide us with a list of the records, that you are wanting to sell, this can greatly speed up the process and we can give you an indication of desirability of the record in advance.  This is greatly encouraged but not required.  WE DO NOT GIVE APPRAISALS OR MAKE OFFERS WITHOUT SEEING THE RECORDS. 

Sellers MUST be at least 18 years old and must present a valid state issued ID to sell any records to us.

Sales (to us) and appraisals are done by appointment only (so we can make sure that an authorized buyer will be at the store to give you an “on the spot” offer).  For large collections, arrangements to come to you can be made.